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Security News

Security News is an archive of curated EFF Deeplinks posts for trainers, technologists, and educators who teach digital security.

Issues that we track here include: country-specific policy updates on security and privacy, updates on malware and vulnerabilities, discussions on encryption and privacy-protecting tools, updates on surveillance (corporate surveillance, street-level surveillance, and mass surveillance), device searches by law and border enforcement, tracking via devices, and general digital security tips.

How to Debug Your Content Blocker for Privacy Protection

Millions of users are trying to protect their privacy from commercial tracking online, be it through their choice of browser, installation of ad and tracker blocking extensions, or use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This guide focuses on how to correctly configure the blocking extension in your browser to ensure that it's giving you the privacy you expect. We believe that tools work best when you don't have to go under the hood. While there is software which meets that criteria (and...

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Privacy Badger Makes Twitter a Little Less Creepy

Twitter recently abandoned their longstanding support for the Do Not Track (DNT) signal, disregarding the privacy preferences of millions of their users. Twitter can see when you visit other sites where its code is present through Tweet/Follow buttons and embedded tweets (like tweets you see quoted in a forum or an article). Embedded Twitter content is so widespread that Twitter can likely reconstruct a significant portion of your browsing history. Twitter's rejection of DNT leaves users’...

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