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Welcome to the Security Education Companion! SEC is a resource for people teaching digital security to their friends and neighbors.

If you are new to digital security, want tutorials for privacy-protecting tools, or want translated guides in 13 languages, head to Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD).

December 8, 2017

We are iterating on these resources, based on testing with participant in workshops, feedback from beginner teachers, and advice from digital security practitioners.

Check back for updates!

NEW: We added two new pieces to Security Education 101: When Different Threat Models Are in the Same Room and Training Prep.


Putting together a lesson plan for a digital security workshop? Check out our beginner-friendly lesson modules.

Threat model 2

Threat Modeling

Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour and 30 minutes

Phishing and Malware

Duration: 1 hour

End-to-End Encrypted Communications: Phone Apps

Duration: 1 hour - 2 hours

Security News

Want to stay up-to-date with security news? Check out our curated posts from EFF's Deeplinks blog.

How to Debug Your Content Blocker for Privacy Protection

Laptop spying 0

Millions of users are trying to protect their privacy from commercial tracking online, be it through their choice of browser, installation of ad and tracker blocking extensions, or use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This guide focuses on how to correctly configure the blocking extension in your browser to ensure that it's giving you the privacy you expect. We believe that tools work best when you don't have to go under the hood. While there is software which meets that criteria (and...

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EFF’s Street-Level Surveillance Project Dissects Police Technology

Sls header plain

Step onto any city street and you may find yourself subject to numerous forms of police surveillance—many imperceptible to the human eye.

A cruiser equipped with automated license plate readers (also known as ALPRs) may have just logged where you parked your car. A cell-site simulator may be capturing your cell-phone data incidentally while detectives track a suspect nearby. That speck in the sky may be a drone capturing video of your commute. Police might use face recognition...

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Panopticlick 3.0

Panopticlick social 3

Today we’re launching a new version of Panopticlick, an EFF site which audits your browser privacy protection. Conceived to raise awareness about the threat of device fingerprinting, Panopticlick was extended in December 2015 to check for protection against tracking by ads and invisible beacons. This new update adds a test for trackers whitelisted by the so-called "Acceptable Ads" initiative. Acceptable Ads is a program involving the popular adblockers Adblock Plus and Adblock, whereby...

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