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Security Education Companion
A free resource for digital security educators

Welcome to the Security Education Companion! SEC is a resource for people teaching digital security to their friends and neighbors.

If you are new to digital security, want tutorials for privacy-protecting tools, or want translated guides in 11 languages, head to Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD).


Putting together a lesson plan for a digital security workshop? Check out our beginner-friendly lesson modules.


Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Two-Factor Authentication

Duration: 1 hour - 2 hours and 30 minutes

Security News

Want to stay up-to-date with security news? Check out our curated posts from EFF's Deeplinks blog.

From Encrypting the Web to Encrypting the Net: 2018 Year in Review

Encryption og

We saw 2017 tip the scales for HTTPS. In 2018, web encryption continues to improve. EFF has begun to shift its focus towards email security, and the security community is shifting its focus towards further hardening TLS, the protocol that drives encryption on the Internet.

By default, all Internet traffic is unencrypted and subject to tampering, including HTTP. A technology called TLS (Transport Layer Security) can provide authenticated encryption and message integrity so no one...

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‘The End of Trust’ – On Sale in Bookstores and Free to Download Now!

54 banner eff2

Do you need some stimulating reading material for this long holiday weekend? Here’s a great option: the latest issue of Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, The End of Trust. This is a collection of essays and interviews about technology, privacy, and surveillance, featuring many EFF authors—including EFF Executive Director Cindy Cohn, Special Advisor Cory Doctorow, and board member Bruce Schneier.

The End of Trust is on sale online and in bookstores now, but...

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Privacy Badger Now Fights More Sneaky Google Tracking

Google spy eye

With its latest update, Privacy Badger now fights “link tracking” in a number of Google products.

Link tracking allows a company to follow you whenever you click on a link to leave its website. Earlier this year, EFF rolled out a Privacy Badger update targeting Facebook’s use of this practice. As it turns out, Google performs the same style of tracking, both in web search and, more concerning, in spaces for private conversation like Hangouts and comments on Google Docs....

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