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Security Education Companion
A free resource for digital security educators


EFF content contributors to the Security Education Companion:

Soraya Okuda, Lindsay Oliver, Kim Carlson, Danny O'Brien, Carol Waters, Eva Galperin, Bill Budington, Gennie Gebhart, Jason Kelley, Ibrahim Altaweel, Rainey Reitman, Elliot Harmon, Noah Swartz, Nate Cardozo, leez, nash, David Ruiz, Camille Ochoa, Jillian York, Seth Schoen, Andrés Arrieta, Jacob Hoffman-Andrews, Jeremy Gillula, Cooper Quintin, Shahid Buttar, Katitza Rodriguez, Willie Theaker, Mark Burdett, Squiggy Rubio, Alexis Hancock, Daly Barnett, Dave Maass


EFF contributors to the site development of the Security Education Companion:

Max Hunter, Lena Gunn, Michelle Chang, Vivian Brown, Peter Woo, Laura Schatzkin, Hugh D'Andrade, Rocket Lee, Starchy Grant, Ben Burke


We would like to thank the following people for their significant support:

Allen Gunn, Josh Black, Anthony Green, Beatrice Martini, Evelyn Arellano and the team at Aspiration Tech; Martin Shelton, user researcher; Travis McDermott at Lucy Parsons Labs; Dirk Slater at FabRiders; Chris Walker; Nasma Ahmed, Open Web Fellow and Capacity Builder; Jonah Silas Sheridan at Information Ecology; Ken Montenegro at National Lawyers Guild and Advancing Justice Los Angeles; Alison Macrina at the Library Freedom Project; Jon Camfield, Ashley Fowler and Megan DeBlois at Internews; Harlo Holmes, Olivia Martin, and David Huerta at Freedom of the Press Foundation; Anqi Li at Access Now; Matt Mitchell; Jessy Irwin, independent trainer and security education advocate; Łukasz Król; Becky Kazansky at University of Amsterdam; Abi Hassen at BMLP

Our early conversations with many members of the digital security teaching and learning community helped influence the shape of the project. We would like to thank:

Nicolás Sera-Leyva; Sarah Aoun; Amin Sabeti; Henrik Chulu; Dan Tennery-Spalding; Christian Vandrei (one of many CryptoParty activists); Loreto Bravo at Digital Defenders Partnership - Hivos; Neal Walfield; Claire Shorall; Jack Aponte at Palante Technology Cooperative; Estrella Soria, add-fem in Rancho Electrónico and Nodo Común; Manon Muti at Justice and Peace Netherlands; Lindsay Beck; Jennifer R. Henrichsen at Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania; Computer Werk; Norman Shamas; Sarah Myers West, Doctoral Candidate at USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism; Maya Richman at The Engine Room; Jason Reich; Dave Rolek and Mike at Cryptoparty Ann Arbor; Quinn Norton; Gema Jiménez / Hask; Gema Manzanares of EnRedadas, por el Arte y la Tecnología; Anamhoo of colectivo Ada transhackfeministas; Hedme Sierra-Castro; Carlos Guerra; Mario Felaco; Tom Lowenthal at Committee to Protect Journalists; Seamus Tuohy; Ramy Raoof; Rogelio Lopez; Thenmozhi Soundararajan and Praveen Sinha at Equality Labs; Natasha Msonza and Tawanda Mugari at DSZIM; Grey Cohen, Rory Mir and Sam Dibella at the Cypurr Collective; Amanda Hickman; Josh Levy, Founder/Director at Digital Security Exchange; Una Lee of And Also Too; Susan E. McGregor at Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia Journalism School; Chris Worman, Wes Holing and Susan Hope Bard at TechSoup; Tadayoshi Kohno at University of Washington; Tamara Denning at University of Utah; Chinyere Tutashinda, Center for Media Justice; Jarrod Hicks


Participants at the 2016 Internet Freedom Festival's Pretty Good Graphics session; Participants at the 2016 and 2017 Aspiration NP Dev Summit's training related sessions; Participants at the 2017 Allied Media Conference's training related sessions; Participants at the 2016 33C3 digital security training related sessions; Participants on the Electronic Frontier Alliance's training calls in 2017; Participants at various workshops throughout 2017


Projects that have inspired us:

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Tinfoil Press


Data Privacy Project

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PBS Cyber Lab

Resist Space


Equality Labs' Curriculum

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