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Two-Factor Authentication handout for learners

Last modified November 15, 2017

We created a double-sided handout that includes need-to-know information about using Two-Factor Authentication "Something you know, and something you have." Login systems that require only a username and password risk being broken when someone else can obtain (or guess) those pieces of information. Services...Read more (2FA). Facilitators should expect to walk through this handout with learners. We recommend distributing these handouts toward the end of a workshop on Two-Factor Authentication, to give learners an opportunity to reflect on what they learned.

We are iterating on this handout, based on testing with participant in workshops, feedback from beginner teachers, and advice from digital security practitioners.


2FA Checklist Handout - PDF

The version that's formatted for printing, originally written in English.
Preview two factor authentication handout

2FA Checklist Handout - Powerpoint

An editable version of this handout, for Microsoft Powerpoint users, configured for 8.5 x 11 paper.

2FA Checklist Handout - LibreOffice

An editable version of this handout, for LibreOffice users, configured for 8.5 x 11 paper.